aka toad

  • I live in mushroom kingdom
  • My occupation is sidekick
  • I am male
  • Toadpr

    Jim Ross:Stone cold!,Stone Cold,Stunner!,Stunner! [Steve stunners goldberg]

    Jim Ross:Stunner,Stunner! [Stunners Dawyne The rock Johnson]

    Jim Ross:Another Stunner,Stuner! [Stunners Triple H]

    Jim Ross:Stunner To the boss,Stunner,Stunner! [Stunners Vince mcmahon']

    Jim Ross:Stun-

    Invader Scipy:Ok enough Stunners Mr.Steve austin!

    Toadpr:Yeah your crazy!

    Steve Austin:Stone cold steve austin can do whatever he wants!  [Stunners Scipy]

    Toadpr:What the heck!? [Stunners toadpr]

    [Does he's signature Pose]

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