This game's genre is Fantisey, Sci Fi, and Adventure.


Meist discovers that an evil clone of her self, Nightmare Meist  has created an discorded army.  It is up to Meist and her friends to stop them.

Her Friends

Tropical Smarts: The brains of the groop, who could shape sift.  He's a Unicorn who shape sifts into his ulterego, an Irken named Ash and a cat named Duskshine.  He can some times be a trickster.

Waterwave: The shy one of the groop, who's a Unicorn that could shape sift into her Cat ulterego, Windsifter.

Dogkiller: The funny guy of the groop, who's a Earth Pony.  He could get very violent.

Raven: The animal lover of the groop who can shape sift into his Cat ulterego, Nightraven.  He can be annoying.

Tulipwave: A annoying alicorn who can shape shift into her cat ulterego with the same name.

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