Arc 1Edit

Blu (from Rio) is training to become a new general, but ??? is invading I.Scipy's realm.


Arc 2Edit

??? is now a general, but The Lego Movie and Rio are invading, as reported by General Za and RD

Arc 3Edit

Dimentio is training to become a general, but *needs plot*


"Dimentio! Wake up!"

  • Black screen fades out into Dimentio's room*

Dimentio: Wha..? Oh! I.Scipy. It's you.

I.Scipy: I trust you are well rested.

Dimentio: Yes, like a young kid, I am ready for whatever you need me to do.

I.Scipy: Great. You must begin your training today.

Dimentio: Training? For what?

I.Scipy: For being a General.

Dimentio: A general? But why?

I.Scipy: You agreed to be one when I found you.

Dimentio: I-I can't remember anything from when you found me.

I.Scipy: Don't worry. It will come back. It always does.

Dimentio: About the training?

I.Scipy: Go to Thinkland and find Twilight. She will take you to the training course.

Dimentio: Training course? Isn't Thinkland a world of causing pain?

I.Scipy: There are training courses built in Thinkland, away from all of the pain.

Dimentio: Aren't... I in Thinkland?

I.Scipy: Yes, but is it a sign of begin approved as a genral, sometimes even love.

Dimentio: Love? I-I never would've thought..

I.Scipy: Don't get any ideas, Dimentio. Now, go find Twilight and begin your training.

Dimentio: Yes, M-Master.

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