These are the jobs. There are two lists of jobs: the Main List (most of the page) and the Animation List (animation jobs section)



This ranks at the lowest job ranking in the Main Ranking List.

Next: Idea Giver

Previous: none

Variations in the job: New Helper: A new member who's skills haven't been determined. Strong Helper: A Helper who has been helping out very often.


These people help out. A Helper cannot have any other job that is ranked on the list of the Crew by its own name.

Idea GiversEdit


This ranks as the second lowest jod on the Main Ranking List.

Next: Researcher

Previous: Helper

Variations in the job: Idea Approver: Someone of a high ranked job who approves ideas for a game, also know as Co-Leader. Idea Giver for Prime: An Idea Giver for a specific area that is ranked as Helper, or if the are for Prime in multiple areas but not all areas or give ideas for other areas but don't know those areas well, they will be ranked as Idea Giver.


These people give ideas for the game.



This ranks as the second-highest job on the Main Ranking List.

Next: Leader

Previous: Idea Giver

Variations in the job: Sub-Researcher: A Researcher who does less research than other researchers.


These people research things that will be in the game.

Leadership JobsEdit


This is the hightest rank on the Main Ranking List.

Next: None

Previous: Researcher

Variations in the job: Full Leader: A leader, usually the founder, who assigns people their jobs for the game they lead. Co-Leader: A leader, usually an expert on the game's characters, who approves of ideas and tells must-haves for the game. However, they are rarely used, because the Full Leaders are often the best experts. They are also known as Idea Approvers. This tells about what the leaders are because nobody is ranked as "Leader." Also, they can have jobs for animation and from the Main List besides Leader unless that job is Helper.

Animation JobsEdit


See "Animator's Ranking List"


Someone who traces pictures. However, these are rare and usually ranked as Helper.


Someone who colors in pictures. Like Tracers, these are rare and usually ranked as Helper.

Background DesignerEdit

Someone who makes backgrounds. However, these are rare and ranked as Sub-Animator.


Someone who draws characters and objects standing still. These drawing are good, however they are not as good as the Animators' and are basicly "prototypes."


Someone who draws characters and objects moving and standing still, almost matching the characters or objects themselves.

Please note that if you gt a badge with a job name, that is just simply the name of the badge. If you get a job, you will be told and your name will be on the crew.

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