Invader Zim: Disconstruction is a video game developed by Nevadabell. In it, Zim's planet of Irken is invaded by Uranus invaders, and Zim has to save his universe. The game is rated E10+, Pegi 7, USK 6, CERO A.

How the game works.Edit

This game works much like the Super Mario Bros. games, but Zim has to move around a series of levels while blasting Aliens with a chemical goo that destroys them on contact. Each level has a specific amount of aliens to blast with the goo, the further you progress, the more aliens you have to blast. As you progress, however, the aliens will always try to outsmart the blaster with a variety of forms, such as rockets. At the end of every 3rd level, there is a boss battle. Eventually, once you get to the 3rd level in the 8th world, you fight the Great Alien, who is 50 times stronger than a regular Alien.


A screenshot of an Alien from the game.

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