An Idea Giver is someone who gives ideas for a game. They have the second-lowest ranked job on the Main Ranking List. They are needed for making Second Objectives in the Freeze Frame Frenzy Remake. They help out with funny background ideas and creative objective ideas.

Idea AcceptersEdit

This job is the rare Co-Leader of a game, the one who confirms the ideas. They are the best experts in the area(s) in the game. The Idea Accepter is often the game's Full Leader, which is why they are so rare.

Current Idea Accepters: Derpyandgirarecute101

Idea Givers for PrimeEdit

These people contribute ideas majorly in one area, but may also help out with the other areas in that game. The word Prime will be replaced by the area they Idea Giver is in, for example: Idea Giver for Screws.

Current Idea Givers for Prime: CEG.walts (IZ), AB.ombor (R+M) , JS.pineapple (FOP)

HNI 0092

AB.ombor's Prime characters

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