Helpers are people who help out with things in all games, but are not active enough inthe areas of the games to be Idea Givers, mainly because of the lack of communication. Helpers are not ranked in other jobs, but some jobs are pretty much the same thing as being a Helper (minor Idea Givers for Prime, Tracers, Color-ers)

Current Helpers: JB.blizzard

New HelpersEdit

New Helpers are new members who haven't been given full informaion, so the are the least imformed members, not that that's a bad thing.

Current New Helpers:

Strong HelpersEdit

Strong Helpers are Helpers who are, well, strong in the job's areas. They will not be promoted to Idea Giver so they can welcome our New Helpers (that's actually better in ranking than Idea Giver, but the job is a sub-job of the basic job: Helper).

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