As the name suggests, this is the remake of Nicktoons: Freeze Frame Frenzy.Edit

Freeze Frame Remake


Plot: Karen’s evil father, Vincent, has dimensionally transported characters. Luckily, Spongebob, Zim, Jenny, Timmy, and Robot have ended up in Jimmy Neutron’s lab. They must then take pictures of stuff to stop Vincent and his robotic imposters.


World 1: The Fairly Oddparents


Playables: Timmy--He can stun enemies with his buck teeth.


Cosmo--He can blast enemies/open a window with his wand.


Wanda--She can do the same thing as Cosmo.


Jorgen--He can do what Cosmo and Wanda do, except it is stronger.


Trixie--She can stun enemies by posing.


Tootie--She can stun enemies by kissing.


Vicky--She can attack with chainsaws.


Crocker--He can track characters with a fairy detector.


Levels: Buckets of fairy dust are what you take pictures of in each level. (third objectives)


Street: Walking down the street. Second Objective--TBA


School: Walking in the school. Second Objective: Go to the Janitors Room.


Fairy World: Walking in fairy world. Second Objective--TBA

Boss: Foop


World 2: Robot and Monster


Playables: Robot—He can blow up things with his inventions.


Monster—He can slap enemies with his tongue.


Gart—He can command characters to freeze.


Ogo—He can fly.


JD—She can punch enemies.


Spitfire—She can run quickly.


Crikey—He can punch enemies.


Perry—He can stun enemies with his smile.


Levels: Blinking light boxes are what you take pictures of in each level. (third objectives)


Street: walking down the road, Second Objective—Krumholtz and Default families crash into each other.


Polo Field: Walking on a polo field, Second Objective—Robot and Globitha crash a blimp.


The Makin’ Bacon: Inside the Makin’ Bacon, building size extended, Second Objective—Gir and Grandma make a sandwich with bacon, lettuce, and tomato.


Blinking Light Factory: walking trough the factory, Second Objective—Gart is using a fishing rod in his cherry picker to pull up boxes of lights Crikey is handing him. Boxes don’t count towards the third objectives.


Boss: The boss is a robotic imposter of ……… GART! This takes place in Gart’s office.


World 3: My Life as a Teenage Robot

Playables: Jenny--She can fly

Sheldon--Ability unknown

Misty--Ability unknown

XJ-1--Ability unknown

XJ-8--Ability unknown

Vega--Ability unknown

Brad--Ability unknown

Boss: The boss is a robotic imposter of Vexus.


World 4: Invader Zim


Playables: Zim--He can stand up high on his spider legs.


Dib--He can use a video camera to video tape instead of taking pictures.


Gaz--She can punch enemies.


Gir--He can fly.


Red--He can also fly.


Purple--He ALSO can fly.


Bitters--She can see behind doors.


Membrane--He also uses a video camera.


Levels: SIR units are what you take pictures of in every level. (third objectives)


Street: walking down the street. Second Objective--TBA


Skool: walking through the school. Second Objective--the dog is chasing Bitters.


Zim's House: walking through Zim's house. Second Objectiv--Keef and GIR cooking "bacon."


The Massive: walking through the massive. Second Ojective--the tallest scolding Spongebob.


Boss: The two-robot robotic imposter of the Tallest. this is in the massive.


World 5: Spongebob Squarepants

Street: Walking down the street

The Krusty Crab: In the Krusty Krab

Sandy's Tree Dome: In Sandy's house.

The Chum Bucket: Get the ship after this level.

Boss: The robotic imposter of Plankton.


Final World: Vincent’s Ship


Terms you might want to know:


First Objective: taking pictures of misplaced characters


Second Objective: Someone doing something. changes each level.


Third Objective(s): taking pictures of 6 somethings. automatically has second half of taking pictures of six inhabitants of the world.


Boss stage: (seen in levels sections as boss) a stage seperate from levels where you battle a robotic imposter of someone by taking there picture to knock them down and then taking there picture while their knocked down. this is done three times.


Recovery Roll: when the boos gets up from being knocked down. cannot attack boos while he/she is doing this.


Base Hero: the character automatically gotten from each world. (FOP's base hero is Timmy)


FOP: (fop) the short way of saying The fairly oddparents


Robmo: (rob-moh) the short way of saying Robot and Monster


RoboLife: (roh-boh-life) The short way of saying My life as a Teenage Robot


IZ: (I-zee) the short way of saying Invader Zim


Spongebob: the short name for spongebob's world that everyone knows already.

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