Dbz vs naruto

The player must defeat the naruto series to prove who is better fighters.


  • Goku:The main chararcter who can do tons of powers.
  • Vegeta:The chararcter who is unlocked at world 2 after defeating the first boss
  • Gohan:Another chararcter who is locked after world 2 defeating the second boss he can mupltie himself into groups of 2.
  • Goten:A chararcters who is unlocked after world 3 defeating the third boss.
  • Pan:Unlocked after defeating world 4 she transport faster than any chararcter.
  • Frieza:An chararcter unlocked after defeating pain in world 5.


An main animal or chararcter that you have to defeat.

World 1:Sasuke Uchiha

World 2 :Sakura haruno

World 3:Kakashi hatake

World 4:Naruto

World 5:Pain

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